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Kiberpipa logo.png
Formation 2001
Purpose Hackerspace
Website Kiberpipa homepage

Kiberpipa (Slovene: Cyberpipe) is a hackerspace in Ljubljana, Slovenia, established in 2001 as a part of the K6/4 Institute.

The hackerspace operates as a cultural centre, computer laboratory and Internet café (with free wireless access). Kiberpipa engages primarily in open source programming and the recycling of computer devices.

It organises workshops, lectures, and entertainment and information events. The events calendar lists several events monthly.

Partnerships and events[edit]

Kiberpipa lecture in 2010

Kiberpipa co-operates with other organisations in Slovenia, e.g. the Slo-Tech and 3delavnica teams, regional multimedia centres (including Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, KIBLA Multimedia Centre) and organisations abroad (Mama New Media Centre in Zagreb, HackLab in Pula for example).

Kiberpipa organises the bi-annual HAIP Festival (Hack/Act/Interact/Progress Festival).

Kiberpipa is a member of the m3c Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia.

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