Kibuli Secondary School

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Kibuli Secondary School
Kibuli, Kampala, Makindye Division
Coordinates 00°18′38″N 32°35′51″E / 0.31056°N 32.59750°E / 0.31056; 32.59750Coordinates: 00°18′38″N 32°35′51″E / 0.31056°N 32.59750°E / 0.31056; 32.59750
Type Public Middle School and High School (8–13)
Motto "Seek Knowlwdge"[citation needed]
Established 1959
Headteacher Ali K Mugagga
Faculty 98 (2014)
Number of students 1,567 (2014)
Athletics Soccer, track, tennis, volleyball, basketball

Kibuli Secondary School (KSS), is a mixed boarding middle (grades 8-11) and high school (grades 12 to 13), in Uganda.


KSS is located on Kibuli Hill, in Makindye Division, is the south-central pat of the city of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. The coordinates of Kibuli Secondary School are:0°18'38.0"N, 32°35'51.0"E (Latitude:0.310556; Longitude:32.597500).[1]


The school is affiliated with the Muslim faith, but admission is based on academic performance and is open to any interested student, regardless of religious beliefs. The schools has a reputation of being a leading academic center with a history of sporting achievements.[2]


Prince Badru Kakungulu, a Buganda Royal, who lived during the early 20th Century, donated the 80 acres (32 ha) on Kibuli Hill, where the school was constructed. The school was founded in 1959.[3]

Notable alumni[edit]

The following are some of the prominent people who have gone through the school:


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