Kicha Vayasu 16

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Kicha Vayasu 16
Directed by A. N. Rajagopal
Starring Simran Bagga,
Jai Akash
Release date
  • 25 March 2005 (2005-03-25)
Country India
Language Tamil

Kicha Vayasu 16 is a South Indian Tamil film released in 2005


This is another film that centers around the pranks of teenagers. This film is rated 18 in Singapore.

Jai Akash comes to Nagerkoil as the Collector. His reminiscences of his school days in Nagerkoil, forms the main theme of the film. Manikandan who comes in the role of the 16-year-old Kicha is like our typical naughty neighborhood boy.

The boy Kicha used to eye becomes the headmistress of his school and this delights Kicha. Kicha who always teases everybody else, is however very well behaved towards headmistress Nirmala (Simran). So he always gets her support. But he leads a group of errant boys and together they steal the school vessels and sell them and also eat in hotels and give the slip without paying the bill. He is only a good friend to this one girl, but she falls in love with him.

Once, when Kicha's friends try to escape without paying the hotel bill, they get caught. The hotel owner thrashes them so soundly that the boys squeal on Kicha saying he's the one who taught them to do such things. When the boys' parents come to know of this, they raise a hue and cry that Kicha is the one who has misled their children and made them wayward. Around that time, Kicha tries to act fresh with a girl in the neighborhood. She makes his bad behavior public, so Kicha goes to Madurai with his elder brother. But Kicha's schoolmates steal some school vessels and point an accusing finger at Kicha. The headmistress, who has a good opinion of Kicha, brings him from Madurai for enquiries.

On coming to know that he's guilty, she feels deeply let down and curses him that he is up to no good. Kicha returns to Madurai, studies well with a vengeance, and returns to Nagerkoil as the Collector (Jai Akash). Manikandan, Suji Bala

In Nagerkoil, Kicha goes to visit Nirmala, but she is out of the country and expected to return only after 6 months. He plans to marry Subbu who had been in love with him and goes to her house. She has gone crazy in his remembrance and he takes her with him.

The only difference to Simran after her marriage is her suitable appearance in the role of a headmistress. She is strict towards her students when she has to be and lenient whenever that is the need of the hour. Simran is portrayed as an ideal headmistress. Though she comes only in a few scenes, her presence is felt throughout the film. This is a victory for director Rajagopal.

One feels a little tired at looking at the same old scenes. The concept of 'murai paiyyan' (Simran's husband Deepak) is old hat. Kottachi and the gang are the film's only relieving aspect. When Kicha's parents come to know that he misbehaved with the girl next door after sleeping in her house (to guard her), they do nothing about it! What a strange way for parents to behave. good


During the making of the film, Simran suggested to the producers to cast her husband Deepak in the role that was to be played by Jai Akash but her request was denied. Subsequently Deepak was given a cameo role in the film.[1]