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A Sadhya meal served for Onam: Kichadi is the yellow serving, second from lower left

Kichadi is a sour Malayali curry made of curd, ground cumin paste and either cucumber, ash gourd or white gourd, with sautéed mustard seeds and curry leaves as garnish. Kichadi is often served as part of the Sadhya. It is somewhat similar to the Raita served in North India, with the difference being the seasoning with mustard and curry leaves. Kichadi is not to be confused with Khichdi.

Kichadi is known in Tamil Nadu as Pachadi.[1][2] In contrast, the Kerala definition of Pachadi is actually a sweet form of Kichadi.

The Kichadi forms a part of the Keralite feast known as Sadhya, which is quite popular during festivals such as Onam and Vishu.

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