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Kickboxer 3: The Art of War
Directed by Rick King
Produced by Michael D. Pariser
Written by Dennis A. Pratt
Starring Sasha Mitchell
Dennis Chan
Richard Comar
Noah Verduzco
Alethea Miranda
Ian Jacklin
Music by Harry Manfredini
Cinematography Edgar Moura
Edited by Daniel Loewenthal
Distributed by Live Entertainment
Columbia TriStar
Release date
  • September 4, 1992 (1992-09-04)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $5 million

Kickboxer 3: The Art of War is a 1992 direct-to-video martial-arts film directed by Rick King. The film is the third in the Kickboxer film series with only Sasha Mitchell and Dennis Chan returning from the previous films. It was also the last film to feature Dennis Chan as Xian Chow.


The movie opens with a distressed woman being chased through a tropical forest by an unknown pursuer. It is soon revealed that the woman is attempting to escape from Frank Lane, an American running an illegal child sex ring operation in Brazil. Upon being recaptured, she is taken back to Lane's home and executed in front of the other slaves, as punishment for her actions.

Meanwhile, kickboxing champion David Sloan and his trainer Xian arrive in Rio de Janeiro for a championship bout. Though Xian is mostly interested in training for the upcoming fight, Sloan dismisses the idea in favor of relaxing in the city. While eating lunch, their camera is suddenly stolen by a young thief, and Sloan immediately gives chase. After fending off a pair of drunken assailants, he catches up to the boy who then brandishes a knife, but Sloan easily disarms him and takes back the camera. When the boy, Marcos, follows him back to the restaurant to reclaim the knife, Xian invites both him and his beautiful sister Isabella to join them for lunch, and they eventually become friends.

At a charity kickboxing event, Sloan is asked to be the cornerman for another young fighter in an exhibition match against Eric Martine, an Argentine kickboxer managed by Lane, who also happens to be Sloan's opponent for the upcoming championship fight. However, an aggressive Martine brutally beats the young fighter, prompting Sloan to physically intervene on his behalf. As a result, Sloan's bout with Martine is billed as a grudge match.

Later, Sloan brings both Marcos and Isabella to a party as his personal guests. At the event, Sloan once again crosses paths with Lane, who is infatuated with Isabella. When Sloan parts ways with the children for the night, Lane secretly sends out a group of men to kidnap her. In a panic, Marcos asks for Sloan's help and they file a police report, but with an overwhelming backlog of unsolved cases on their hands, the authorities do not consider their case a priority and advise them to simply forget about Isabella.

Undeterred, Sloan and Xian launch their own investigation, which ultimately leads to their arrest. Although Lane bails them out in an attempt to cover his tracks, the two continue their search, only to find that the trail leads right back to him. They confront Lane in his home, but are ambushed and taken prisoner. Lane forces Sloan through a series of grueling exercises designed to weaken him before his match with Martine, such as hiking with a backpack full of rocks and water-skiing without skis. He then releases both men back to their hotel, with the condition that if Sloan doesn't show up for the fight, Isabella will disappear forever. With Marcos's help, Xian is able to create and administer a cure for Sloan's fatigue.

At the fight, Sloan manages to defeat Martine, and Xian is successful in rescuing Isabella before Lane can flee the arena leaving Lane bankrupt. Upon being reunited with Marcos, Isabella tells him about the other girls Lane has imprisoned, and Sloan resolves to free them as well. In retaliation, Lane pulls a gun on Sloan intending to shoot him, but Marcos suddenly appears and stabs Lane in the stomach with his knife.

In the end, the police sergeant decides to cover up Lane's murder, and Sloan arranges for Marcos and Isabella to attend school. Upon realizing that they have missed their flight back home, Sloan, Xian, and the police sergeant decide to go out for drinks together.


In an interview with Sam Weisberg for the web site Hidden Films, director Rick King said working with Sasha Mitchell was extremely difficult, with frequent temper tantrums and even threats of violence. “I think he thought people thought he was stupid, which was true,” King [said]. “And he was also violent, and so he used his position of privilege as the star in a very negative way.” [1]


  • Sasha Mitchell as David Sloan
  • Dennis Chan as Xian Chow
  • Richard Comar as Lane
  • Noah Verduzco as Marcos
  • Alethea Miranda as Isabella
  • Ian Jacklin as Eric Martine
  • Milton Goncalves as Sergeant
  • Ricardo Petraglia as Alberto
  • Gracindo Junior as Pete
  • Miguel Orniga as Marcelo
  • Lenor Gottlieb as Margarida
  • Renato Coutinho as Branco
  • Kate Lyra as Branco's Wife


The film was not well received by critics.


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