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KDE Kicker config screenshot.png
Various aspects of the KDE 3 panel could be configured, such as its arrangement on the user's desktop
Development status obsoleted
License GNU GPL

Kicker is the main panel used in K Desktop Environment 3 and earlier. Together with KDesktop it forms the graphical shell. It can be customized by the user. By default, it has the K Menu, a Desktop Access button, a Home button, a Konqueror button, a Kontact button, and a Help button. It also has the Desktop Preview & Pager, the Taskbar, the System Tray, and the Clock.

It was a core part of the KDE desktop, and as such packaged as part of the kdebase module. Kicker was also ported from Qt3 to Qt4.

In KDE Software Compilation 4 Kicker, KDesktop, and SuperKaramba were replaced by KDE Plasma 4.[1] The graphical shells KDE Plasma 4 and KDE Plasma 5 being widget engines of their own, SuperKaramba is no longer necessary and e.g. "Kicker" was re-implemented as such a desktop widget.

Customized Kicker on KDE 3.5.4
More standard Kicker
A highly modified Kicker that resembles Plasma


Kicker can embed various applets into itself. The included applets as of KDE 3.5 are:

  • Binary Clock
  • Bookmarks Menu
  • Character Selector
  • Clock
  • Color Picker
  • Desktop Preview & Pager
  • Dictionary
  • Eyes
  • Fifteen Pieces
  • Find
  • K Menu
  • Keyboard Status Applet
  • Klipper
  • Konqueror Profiles
  • Lock/Logout Buttons
  • Math Expression Evaluator
  • Media Control
  • Moon Phase
  • Network Folders
  • News Ticker
  • Non-KDE Application Launcher
  • Print System
  • Public File Server
  • Quick File Browser
  • Quick Launcher
  • Recent Documents
  • Run Command
  • Runaway Process Catcher
  • Settings
  • Show Desktop
  • Sound Mixer
  • Storage Media
  • System Guard
  • System Menu
  • System Monitor
  • Taskbar
  • Terminal Sessions
  • Trash
  • Weather Report
  • Window List Menu
  • Wireless Network Information
  • World Wide Watch
  • aRts Control

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