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Kicking Harold is an alternative hard rock band from Los Angeles, California that has been active since the mid-1990s. With the success of popular songs like "Kill You" and "Down on You" they secured a major label release of their indie album, Ugly & Festering, on MCA Records in 1996. The albums Return of the Bulb Men (1997) and Space Age Breakdown (2002) followed on independent record labels, with Kicking Harold's song "Gasoline" from Space Age Breakdown being featured as the theme to TLC's hit automobile make-over show, Overhaulin'. In 2009, Kicking Harold's singer/guitarist brought the band out of mothballs due to the continuing success of "Gasoline" and released their fourth album, "Zombies, Cars & Evil Guitars" in 2010 with the 5th full length album, "Red Light District" following in January 2015. The new album features an updated version of their out of print hit "Kill You" as its debut single accompanied by a long overdue music video, filled with "vine style" digital sleight of hand effects and a cameo surprise ending by actress, Mary Carey.


  • Tim David Kelly (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Michael Odabashian (Drums/Vocals)
  • Julia Lage (Bass/Vocals)

Previous members[edit]

  • Brian Anderson (Bass/Vocals)
  • Edward Shemansky (Drums/Vocals)
  • Eddie Petrina (Bass)
  • Sam Varma (Guitars/Vocals)
  • Daniel Todd Ramsey (Bass/Vocals)
  • Michael Phillips Keeley (Drums)
  • Peter Burke (Drums/Vocals)
  • Bret Domrose (Bass/Vocals)


  • Red Light District (Ultradose) (2015)
  • Return of The Bulbmen(Re-Release)(Ultradose) (2014)
  • Zombies, Cars & Evil Guitars (Mityma) (2010)
  • Space Age Breakdown (Re-Release) (Mityma) (2006)
  • Space Age Breakdown (Mityma) (2002)
  • Return of the Bulb Men (Headliner) (1997)
  • Ugly & Festering (Re-Release) (MCA) (1996)
  • Ugly & Festering (Headliner) (1995)
  • EP (Self released demo) (1994)

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