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The Kid Cuisine logo.

Kid Cuisine is a brand of packaged frozen dinners targeted for children's appetites, marketed by Conagra Foods, created in 1990.

The brand's mascot is K.C. Penguin (which stands for Kid Cuisine Penguin), an anthropomorphic cartoon penguin.[1] In the line's early years, it was represented by a different penguin named BJ and his friend, a polar bear known as The Chef.


This is a list of all the current varieties of Kid Cuisine:[2]

  • All Star Chicken Breast Nuggets
  • Bug Safari Chicken Breast Nuggets
  • Pizza Painter Cheese Pizza
  • Catch A Wave Mac & Cheese
  • Pop Star Popcorn Chicken
  • Carnival Mini Corn Dogs
  • KC’s Constructor Cheese, Beef Patty and Bun
  • Twist & Twirl Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Deep Sea Adventure Fish Sticks
  • KC’s Primo Reduced Fat Pepperoni Double Stuffed Crust Pizza

Discontinued Varieties and Limited Editions[edit]

This is the list of limited edition products and the list of products which are no longer available.

  • Marvel Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Popcorn Chicken
  • Frozen Shimmering Mac & Cheese
  • Star Wars Galactic Battle Spaghetti with Mini Meatballs
  • Star Wars Co-Pilot Chicken Breast Nuggets


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