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Industry Retail
Founded 1974
Headquarters Club Way, Cygnet Park, Hampton, Peterborough
Key people
Marilyn and Neville Wright (Founders)
Chris Yates (CEO)
Owner Dunelm Group
Parent WorldStores

Kiddicare is a British multichannel retailer, selling nursery supplies and merchandise for children and young families. Founded and owned by Marilyn and Neville Wright, it was the largest privately owned online retailer of its kind, until its acquisition by Morrisons in 2011.[1] On 14 July 2014, it was sold to Endless LLP for £2 million.[2]

In 2016, Kiddicare and its parent Worldstores were purchased by the British homeware retailer Dunelm Group.


Kiddicare warehouse in Hampton, Peterborough

Kiddicare was founded in 1974[3] by Neville and Marilyn Wright in Peterborough.[4] The couple then moved their business to a shop on Lincoln Road.[5]

In 1999 Scott Weavers-Wright together with the IT team launched the website An early adopter of technology, Kiddicare was one of the first UK Ecommerce websites. Weavers-Wright continued to develop the website with award-winning technology.[6]

The website Kiddicare has been cited as "one of the biggest online retailers of kids products", having invested heavily in their online presence.[7]

In 2007, Kiddicare moved to its current location in Parkway, Hampton, increasing the size and scale of its operations and opening their flagship store.[8]

In 2011 the company was acquired by Morrisons for £70 million.[1] This decision was primally made to support the launch of using the award-winning technology platform which Weavers-Wright had developed over the years. Morrisons would also support Kiddicare with its growth as a multichannel business.[9]

In 2011 Scott Weavers-Wright was appointed MD of General Merchandise alongside his role as CEO of Kiddicare. Weavers-Wright led the creation of Morrisons first Ecommerce Website, Morrisons Cellar. The site was created from concept to launch in 12 weeks using the technology platform.up[10]

Before 2012, Kiddicare mainly operated online, which accounted for approximately 80% of the company’s business, with the rest coming through the store in Peterborough.[11] Morrisons invested £15 million after the acquisition in converting 10 former Best Buy stores into new Kiddicare locations across the country.[12]

On 1 April 2013, Scott Weavers-Wright left the business to launch Haatch. Morrisons Non Executive Director Nigel Robertson replaced Weavers-Wright as CEO.[13]

On 13 March 2014, Morrisons announced plans to sell non-core activities, including Kiddicare.[14]

On 14 July 2014, Kiddicare was sold to Endless LLP for £2m and Chris Yates was announced as Nigel Robertsons replacement as CEO.[2]

On 28 November 2016, the company and its parent WorldStores was bought for £8.5 million by Dunelm Group.[15]


Revolution Technology award – Best UK Search

Retail Systems Award – Best UK Kiosks

Retail Week Technology Award – Best UK Kiosk Initiative [16]

Retail Week Technology Award – Best UK Multichannel Business

Retail Systems Award – Best UK Multichannel Business [17]

Retail Systems Award – Company Of The year

IMRG Awards for Excellence – Best Customer Experience

European Call Centre – Best European Customer Service

Online Retail Awards – Retail Mobile Website of the year

Snow Valley Golden Chariot Awards – Best UK Delivery Service [18]

Which – 7th Best Online Shop


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