Coronado Area Council

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Coronado Area Council
Coronado Area Council CSP.png
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Headquarters Salina, Kansas
Location Kansas
Country United States
Scout Executive Wendy Shaw
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The Coronado Area Council is the local council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) that serves Scouts in north central and northwest Kansas, across 32 counties, with headquarters in Salina.


The council headquarters is located in Salina, Kansas and the council is organized into five districts.

The Dane G. Scout Reservation (known by the early counselors as "Kirwin", was originally a wilderness camp. It had few facilities, no permanent housing for staff, and everybody did their own cooking. I was on the staff in 1965, 1966, and 1967. The focus of the camp has changed. It is now an opportunity for campers to learn a wider range of Scouting skills.

Dane G. Hansen Scout Reservation[edit]

Dane G. Hansen Scout Reservation
Map of Phillips County, Kansas highlighting the Dane G. Hansen Scout Reservation.svg
The location of the Dane G. Hansen Scout Reservation within the state of Kansas and Phillips County.
Location 2 miles SSW Kirwin, Kansas
Coordinates 39°38′23″N 99°08′32″W / 39.63972°N 99.14222°W / 39.63972; -99.14222
Founded 1965
Founder Dane G. Hansen
Camp Director Rex Lowe
Program Director Jackson Mckain and Kim Whetzel
Ranger Donald Lowe

Dane G. Hansen Scout Reservation, often called Camp Hansen, is the Coronado Area Council's summer Scout camp, located two miles south-southwest of Kirwin, Kansas. The coordinates are 39°38′23″N 99°08′32″W / 39.63972°N 99.14222°W / 39.63972; -99.14222, and it is a part of the Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge.

Tribe of the Golden Eagle[edit]

The Coronado Area Council operates a leadership program, the Tribe of Golden the Eagle at Camp Hansen. The program was inspired by the Pony Express Council and Heart of America Council's Tribe of Mic-O-Say. Membership is indicated by the wearing of replica eagle claws, with the number of claws and the paint on the tips of the claws indicating rank within the tribe.

Kidi Kidsh Lodge[edit]

The Kidi Kidsh Lodge is the Coronado Area Council lodge in the Order of the Arrow, the national Boy Scout honor society.

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