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Kidmat Tzvi

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Kidmat Tzvi

קִדְמַת צְבִי
Entrance to Kidmat Tzvi.JPG
Kidmat Tzvi is located in the Golan Heights
Kidmat Tzvi
Kidmat Tzvi
Coordinates: 33°1′49.07″N 35°41′55.67″E / 33.0302972°N 35.6987972°E / 33.0302972; 35.6987972Coordinates: 33°1′49.07″N 35°41′55.67″E / 33.0302972°N 35.6987972°E / 33.0302972; 35.6987972
RegionGolan Heights
AffiliationHitahdut HaIkarim

Kidmat Tzvi (Hebrew: קִדְמַת צְבִי‬) is an Israeli settlement and moshav in the central Golan Heights. Located to the north of Katzrin, it falls under the jurisdiction of Golan Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 423.[1]

The international community considers Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.[2]


The area was overrun by Israeli Army in the Six-Day War and later occupied. The settlement was built in 1981, in the same year when Israeli unilaterally annexed the Golan region and imposed civil Israeli rule on the area. Kidmat Tzvi is a secular community, with no synagogue.

Near the kibbutz entrance is a memorial, Yad Otniel, dedicated to Israeli Air Force pilot Otniel Shamir, near the site where plane was shot down by Syrian forces during the Six-Day War. His body was only recovered in 1974, and he was buried in his home, Dorot.


It is a productive agricultural community where chickens are raised and apples, grapes, pears, and cherries are grown. The town contains five boutique wineries with a combined output of over 130,000 bottles per annum.


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