Renal papillary necrosis

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Renal papillary necrosis
Illu kidney2.jpg
Frontal section through the kidney
Specialty Urology, nephrology edit this on wikidata
Causes Diabetic nephropathy, Kidney infection[1]
Diagnostic method Blood and urine test[1]
Treatment Depends on cause[1]

Renal papillary necrosis is a form of nephropathy involving the necrosis of the renal papilla.[1] Lesions that characterize renal papillary necrosis come from an impairment of the blood supply and from subsequent ischemic necrosis that is diffuse.[2]

Signs and symptoms[edit]

Symptoms (and signs) consistent with renal papillary necrosis are:[1]


In terms of cause, almost any condition that involves ischemia can lead to renal papillary necrosis. A mnemonic for the causes of renal papillary necrosis is POSTCARDS: pyelonephritis, obstruction of the urogenital tract, sickle cell disease, tuberculosis, cirrhosis of the liver, analgesia/alcohol abuse, renal vein thrombosis, diabetes mellitus, and systemic vasculitis.[3] Often, a patient with renal papillary necrosis will have numerous conditions acting synergistically to bring about the disease.[4]

Analgesic nephropathy is a common cause of renal papillary necrosis. The damage is cumulative and most patients of renal papillary necrosis would have ingested at least 2 kg of analgesics in the past. The risk is higher for phenacetin (which was withdrawn from market in the United States) and paracetamol (acetaminophen) compared to aspirin and other NSAIDs.[medical citation needed]


The pathophysiology of this condition can be due to analgesic nephropathy, which in turn is a result of long-term use of aspirin.[5] It is a sequence of vascular occlusion, vasospasm, then infection and finally obstruction which leads to RPN.[6]



Individuals with renal papillary necrosis due to excess use of analgesic have an elevated risk of epithelial tumors, hence a urine cytology exam is useful.[7] In terms of imaging this condition can be identified by retrograde pyelography (RGP).[8] The diagnosis of renal papillary necrosis is therefore done via:[9]


Treatment of renal papillary necrosis is supportive, any obstruction (urethral) can be dealt with via stenting. This condition is not linked to a higher possibility of renal failure.[10] Control of infection is important, thus antimicrobial treatment is begun, so as to avert surgery (should the infection not respond).[11]


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