The Kids Praise Album!

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The Kids Praise Album
Studio album by Debby Kerner & Ernie Rettino
Released 1980
Recorded 1980
Genre Children's music, Christian music
Label Maranatha! Music
Debby Kerner & Ernie Rettino chronology
(none) The Kids Praise Album! Kids' Praise! 2: Joy-fulliest Noise

The Kids Praise Album! (aka Kids' Praise! 1 - An Explosion of Happiness) is an American 1980 Maranatha! children's Christian music album that features Psalty the Singing Songbook. It is the very first album in a long-running series of Kids Praise! and other Psalty related albums. The album was written by Debby Kerner & Ernie Rettino (Mr. Rettino plays Psalty). This album has been credited to "The Maranatha! Kids" and to "The Kids' Praise Kids."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Amen Praise the Lord"
  2. "Behold What Manner of Love"
  3. "Jesus, Name Above All Names"
  4. "The Butterfly Song" (AKA "If I Were a Butterfly")
  5. "Seek Ye First"
  6. "Heaven Is a Wonderful Place"
  7. "I John 4:7,8 (Beloved)"
  8. "The Wa Wa Song"
  9. "Father I Adore You"
  10. "Children of the Lord"