Kids in the Way

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Kids in the Way
David Pelsue.jpg
David Pelsue, lead singer
Background information
Also known as K I D S
Origin Noblesville, Indiana, United States
Genres Christian rock,[1] screamo[2]
Years active 1997–2007, 2009–2012, 2017–present
Labels Flicker
Members David Pelsue
Nathan Hughes
Austin Cobb
Past members Willie Bostic
Eric Carter
Rian Flynn
Nathan Ehman

Kids in the Way was an American Christian rock band formed in Noblesville, Indiana in 1997.[3] They released three albums on Flicker Records before quietly disbanding in mid-2007. The band reunited in 2009, and in 2010 released an unnamed EP.


Kids in the Way was formed in 1997 by vocalist David Pelsue, guitarist Nathan Ehman, and the drummer Eric Carter. The band was previously known as Serenity and played a considerably lighter rock sound than when they were Kids in the Way. Kids in the Way released a self-titled EP which set them in place for further record releases and future shows with Audio Adrenaline which was important in their signing to Flicker Records. After releasing their debut album Safe from the Losing Fight, they were able to pick up spots touring with notable bands such as Fireflight, Pillar, and Relient K.

The band reunited in 2009 and started playing shows in and around their home state of Indiana. On January 12, 2010 they announced that they were working on an unnamed EP that they expected to release in March.[4] In the US, it was released for a limited time in the iTunes Store, and usually referred to as 'Lost Boy EP'.[citation needed] In 2012 guitarist Nathan Hughes revealed that the new album was a "no-go",[5] and that new music would be coming from a "different band".[6]


Current members

  • David "Dave" Pelsue – lead vocals
  • Nathan Hughes – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Austin Cobb – lead guitar
  • Jonathan[7]
  • Jeremie[7]

Past members

  • Eric Carter – drums, backing vocals
  • Wille Bostic – bass, backing vocals
  • Rian Flynn – bass guitar, backing vocals (2004–2005)
  • Nathan Ehman – guitars, backing vocals (2002–2007)


Date of release Title Label
2002 Kids in the Way (EP) Independent
December 26, 2003 Safe from the Losing Fight Flicker Records
May 10, 2005 Apparitions of Melody Flicker Records
September 18, 2007 A Love Hate Masquerade Flicker Records


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