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Kidtoon Films is a distributor of children's animated films in the United States. The company is a subsidiary of The Bigger Picture, a Cinedigm company. It is currently owned by SD Entertainment, which produced many of its earlier releases. The company is based in Woodland Hills, California.[1]

Titles released under Kidtoon's program have an MPAA G rating, and are shown digitally during weekend morning matinées at cinemas owned by National Amusements (Showcase Cinemas, Multiplex Cinemas, and Cinema de Lux), California's UltraStar, Carmike Cinemas, Rave Motion Pictures, B&B Theatres, Dipson Theatres, Emagine Entertainment, Studio Movie Grill, and some smaller chains and independent cinemas.

Due to New Kideo acquiring Kidtoon Films, the program took a 4 year hiatus. In February 2016, the program returned to 18 Showcase Cinemas locations with the movie Barbie Spy Squad.

Selected 2004-2012 releases[edit]

2016-present (Showcase Cinemas) releases[edit]

Cancelled releases[edit]

During the 2016 revival of the program at Showcase Cinemas, several films that were meant to be shown as part of the program were cancelled and changed.

In addition, Kidtoons took a hiatus between December 2016 and February 2017.

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