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KidZania Jakarta
Slogan: "Get ready for a better world."
Type: Family Entertainment Center
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Characters: Urbano, Vita, Bache

Kidzania Jakarta is an educational indoor theme park located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Opened in November 2007 at the Pacific Place Jakarta, Kidzania Jakarta is the first of the Kidzanian franchises to open in Southeast Asia and is somewhat larger than its Monterrey equivalent. It was the fourth ever Kidzania theme park to be built. Just like its Tokyo, Monterrey, and Mexico City (La Ciudad De Los Ninos) predecessors, Kidzania Jakarta had similar establishments such as Flight Simulator, but unlike its predecessors, Kidzania Jakarta excludes some other establishments like a garage and some activities on similar establishments. Upon entering Kidzania Jakarta (somewhat different things are received during entry, but mostly similar to other tenants), one is given a boarding pass, a map of the city, and a 50 Kidzos (the official currency of Kidzania) paycheck upon entry. Inside, one can work on over 70 different professions. Some establishments require children to pay a significant amount of Kidzos. If one runs out of money, they must work in establishments that offer salaries in a significant amount of Kidzos. A security bracelet is required during entry so that parents can find you if you are lost, and can only be removed upon return to Jakarta.

Hours of operation[edit]

During its first days of operation, Kidzania Jakarta opened at these times:


  • Morning session: 9am-2pm
  • Afternoon session: 3pm-8pm

Weekends, national and school holidays:

  • Morning session: 10am-3pm
  • Afternoon session: 4pm-9pm

As of late 2008, Kidzania Jakarta opens at:


  • 7 hour session: 9am-4pm
  • 5 hour session: 11am-4pm

Friday-Sunday and holiday season:

  • 1st session: 9am-2pm
  • 2nd session: 3pm-8pm



  • Toddlers: Rp. 50.000
  • Children: Rp. 130.000
  • Adults: Rp. 90.000
  • Seniors: free

Only if you bring 2 children 4-16 years, or toddler 2-3 years, must carry ID cards, tickets can only be taken days at Airport Counter H.


  • Toddlers: Rp. 50.000
  • Children: Rp. 150.000
  • Adults: Rp. 90.000
  • Seniors: free

Only if you bring 2 children 4-16 years, or toddler 2-3 years, must carry ID cards, tickets can only be taken days at Airport Counter H.

Holiday season

  • Toddlers (2-3): Rp. 100.000
  • Children (4-16): Rp. 200.000
  • Adults (16-64): Rp. 200.000
  • Seniors (>65): free

Only if you bring 2 children 4-16 years, or toddler 2-3 years, must carry ID cards, tickets can only be taken days at Airport Counter H.

KidZania Congress and Ms. KidZania[edit]

In its first two years of operation, Kidzania Jakarta underwent major changes within establishments. The latest major change in establishments occurred on June 8, 2009, when Kidzania Jakarta opened the Research & Development Centre which is sponsored by Cosmos. Creativity is important for this establishment, as the main goal for this establishment is to develop new ideas for electronics in daily life. The second establishment is the Coffee Factory, which is sponsored by local coffee manufacturer Kapal Api. In this establishment, children will learn about the process of making an instant coffee.

Previously, Kidzania Jakarta did not have any local governments like real life cities. But on May 13, 2009, Kidzania Jakarta launched its first "Congrezz" government. The government's job is to maintain the Kidzanian Spirit and to give recommendations to the Ministry of City Culture and Technology of Kidzania for things either liked or disliked by Kidzanians. 14 members were chosen and inaugurated by June 22, 2009. They were chosen by SMS polling and the direct polling all over 5 establishments of Kidzania, where visitors could elect their competent leaders into a "Congrezz" position. The selected contestants were inaugurated by Mr. Moh. Riza Chalid, the president of Kidzania Indonesia.

The first period of Kidzania Congrezz includes 14 "CongrezzKids" who have a good achievement grade at school and their social community around Jakarta and nearby cities:

  • Eagan R. Pangestiarso (Eagan)
  • Duta Noor Vijaya Rianto (Bonie)
  • Zaneta Naomi (Neta)
  • Janice Tjioe (Janice)
  • Joshua Martin Limyadi (Josh) [non-active member]
  • David Theo Halim (David)
  • Grace Glory Herianny (Gege)
  • Maghfira Ramadhanty (Afie)
  • Nadine K. Saadha (Nadine)
  • Quinsha J. Haq (Queen)
  • Khonsa Khoiriyyah (Khonsa)
  • Tracy Anabella Hermansyah (Tracy)
  • Rischa Indira Sabrina (Rischa)
  • Shahnaz Medina (Nanaz)

There was also 2010 and 2011.

2011 had a very special member called Tara Mireya Gloria Sitindjak (Tara) who was an 11-year-old English speaking Indonesian girl. In the Conggrezz all the children help each other whatever the consequences in language, nationality and many other differences! Later on the idea continued to the others e.g. KZ Tokyo etc.

Also there was Ms KidZania where young girls do things like in Ms. world or Ms. Universe! It's very cute and pretty with all the features of the real Ms World/Universe!

It's a wonderful learning experience for young people!

Other parks[edit]

Its predecessors, KidZania La Ciudad De Los Ninos, KidZania Monterrey, and KidZania Tokyo, opened between 1999-2006. Two of these tenants are smaller than KidZania Jakarta, although they contained more establishments than its Jakarta successor. Two other KidZanias opened in 2009, Koshien being the first. KidZania Lisbon opened on June 1, 2009, being the first of its type to open in Europe. Other plans are now under way in Dubai, Santiago, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, China and Seoul; there are also plans for a second Mexico City-based park. The park averaged 150,000 visitors per year. The park's theatre was however criticized for repeated shows that have been played since the opening, in which visitors considered boring. Nevertheless, the park was highly accclaimed by several notable Indonesians, including Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, on National Children's Day, and on the Indonesian Independence Day, for celebrating those national days in special ways, such as the notable "lomba makan kerupuk" (cracker eating competition).


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