Kidzania Koshien

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KidZania Koshien
Slogan: "Get ready for a better world."
Type: Family Entertainment Center
Location: Koshien, Japan
Characters: Urbano, Vita, Bache

Kidzania Koshien is the fifth ever Kidzania theme park, opened in early 2009 at the LaLaport Koshien, Japan. It is also declared as the second Kidzania theme park in Japan, after Kidzania Tokyo, and the third in Asia, after Kidzania Jakarta. Over 80 occupations are currently offered in this particular theme park, and follows identical shifts as Kidzania Tokyo. This park aims at children aged 4-15 years old, but all activities are enjoyable by all children. As the park is merely comparable to that of its Tokyo and Jakarta counterparts, any rights reserved on the park are identical to that of any other park in the franchise.

Hours of operation[edit]

As the park follows the same shifts held by its Tokyo counterpart, the park conducts regular maintenance services, which is due costly to the park's schedule, as on these days, the park is only opened by a single shift, or closed for the day.

  • 1st shift: 0900-1500hrs
  • 2nd shift: 1600-2100hrs

Entry and terms[edit]

Kidzania Koshien issues a similar security bracelet to that of its predecessors, in which is to ensure a safe and enjoyable playing environment in the park.

As at the Tokyo predecessor, pets can enter on certain conditions.

As the franchise is obliged to issue a "Terminos y Condiciones" (Terms and Conditions) rule, the park obtains similar conditions to such visitors. Defamatory, religious, libellous, political, severe offences, vulgarism, and vandalism may result in the expulsion of the visitor from Kidzania Koshien.


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Coordinates: 34°43′01″N 135°21′50″E / 34.71694°N 135.36389°E / 34.71694; 135.36389