Kielce Power Station

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Kielce Power Station
Elektrociepłownia Kielce.jpg
Kielce Power Station is located in Poland
Kielce Power Station
Location of Kielce Power Station in Poland
Official name Elektrociepłownia Kielce
Country Poland
Location Kielce
Coordinates 50°53′52″N 20°37′0″E / 50.89778°N 20.61667°E / 50.89778; 20.61667Coordinates: 50°53′52″N 20°37′0″E / 50.89778°N 20.61667°E / 50.89778; 20.61667
Status Operational
Commission date 1987
Owner(s) PGE
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Secondary fuel Biomass
Cogeneration? yes
Power generation
Units operational 1 x 140 MW
6 x 25 MW
1 x 10 MW
Nameplate capacity 300 MW

Kielce Power Station (Polish: Elektrociepłownia Kielce) is a coal-fired combined power and heat plant at Kielce, Poland. It went operational in 1987 and consists of one 140 MW unit, six 25 MW units and one 10 MW cogeneration unit. It is operated by PGE.

The facility has two flue gas stacks, which are both equipped with telecommunication equipment, whereby the larger chimney, which is 213-metre (699 ft) tall with rooftop antennas (without it is 200-metre (660 ft) tall) is used for FM- and TV-broadcasting. The other chimney is 114-metre (374 ft) tall.

Transmitted Programmes[edit]

FM Radio[edit]

Program Frequency Transmission Power Polarisation Antenna Diagram
Radio PiN 92,90 MHz 0,10 kW Vertical ND
Radio TOK FM 94.90 MHz 1 kW Vertical ND
RMF Maxxx Kielce 98,00 MHz 0,1 kW Vertical ND
RMF Classic 99.00 MHz 1 kW Vertical ND
Radio FaMa Kielce 100,80 MHz 5 kW Vertical ND
Radio Eska Kielce 103,30 MHz 1 kW Vertical ND
Radio ZET Gold Kielce 103,90 MHz 0,1 kW Vertical ND
Radio eM Kielce 107,90 MHz 1 kW Vertical ND

Digital Television MPEG-4[edit]

Channel Frequency 
Multiplex Programme im Multiplex ERP 
Antenna Diagram
around (ND) /
directional (D)
horizontal (H) /
vertical (V)
Modulation FEC
47 682 MUX 3 9 ND H 64-QAM 5/6
40 626 MUX 4 5 ND H 64-QAM 3/4
40 626 Radio MUX
  • RMF FM
  • Radio PiN
  • Radio ZET
  • Antyradio
  • Radio Plus
  • Radio TOK FM
  • Radio Roxy
  • Radio Złote Przeboje
  • Radio Eska Rock
  • Radio Bajka
  • Moje Polskie Radio
5 ND H 64-QAM 5/6

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