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Kierikki is an area located in Yli-Ii by the Ii River in Finland. Kierikki is about ten kilometres to southeast and towards Pudasjärvi from Yli-Ii’s centre. Kierikki is also a surname in Finland which has come to be used after the Ii River’s rapid named Kierikki.

Kierikki is one of the most important archaeological exploratory areas in Finland. Excavations started in 1960 and they still continue yearly. Research has significantly changed the view of Northern Finland in Stone Age. Archaeologists used to think that people in Stone Age were nomads, people who change their residence along with the seasons. In fact, people lived in large villages the whole year. This was possible because of the massive fish and seal catches people got at the time. Fish and seal surpluses were also used in trade. Arrow heads made of flint were traded from Russia and amber ornaments from Baltic states.

Stone Age chewing gum made of birch bark was found in Kierikki’s excavations in the summer 2007. The finding was also reported by BBC.[1]

Kierikki is also a subdivision of late typical comb ceramics. Kierikki ceramics were used in 3500–3100 BC and it preceded another Asbestos-Ceramics type called pöljä.[2] Finnish Comb Ceramic culture is called neolithic because it is comparable to neolithic cultures elsewhere. Besides ceramics, Finnish Comb Ceramic culture also includes polished weapons made of stone, which are a part of neolithic cultures. One difference was the lack of agriculture in Finland in Stone Age.

Dugout boats Kierikki Centre Oulu

Kierikki includes Kierikki Stone Age Centre, which is a popular destination with its archaeological exhibitions and Stone Age villages. There is also a hotel in the area.[3][4]

Every summer public excavations are arranged, where members of public can participate in work in Kierikki. In 2012, an eleven year ole Hedvig Hautala found amber during one of these excsvations.[5]


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