Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion

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Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion

Києво-Святошинський район
Flag of Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion
Coat of arms of Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 50°23′23″N 30°14′5″E / 50.38972°N 30.23472°E / 50.38972; 30.23472Coordinates: 50°23′23″N 30°14′5″E / 50.38972°N 30.23472°E / 50.38972; 30.23472
Country Ukraine
RegionKiev Oblast
Admin. centerKiev
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+03:00 (EEST)
Area code+380

Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion (Ukrainian: Києво-Святошинський район) is a raion (district) in Kiev Oblast of Ukraine, adjacent to the city of Kiev which serves as the administrative center for the raion. The city of Kiev itself does not belong to the raion. Population: 158,835 (2013 est.)[1].

The raion is situation just to west of the Kiev city and should not be confused with Sviatoshyn District of the Kiev city which it borders and where its administration is located. The raion's name relates to historical area and woodland of Sviatoshyn which currently is located with the city limits of Kiev.


Most of the raion is located with the Polesie lowland, while its southeastern portion belongs to the Dnieper Upland.[2] The woodland area of raion covers 4,700 ha (12,000 acres) and the agricultural land area covers 30,700 ha (76,000 acres).[2] Here are located several areas of nature conservation among which are Zhornivskyi (ornithological) Reserve and Zhukiv Khutir (dendrological).[2]


Established in 1937,[2] Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion borders Borodianka Raion and Vyshhorod Raion to the north, Vasylkiv Raion and Obukhiv Raion to the south, Makariv Raion to the west, and with the city of Kiev to the east.

In 1960s the urban area of the raion to the north around the city of Irpin was divided away into a separate administrative unit known as a city of regional significance Irpin and includes number of other urban settlements. The Irpin city of regional significance is known for its Antonov Aviation Center located in the town of Hostomel where located the so-called Hostomel Airport.

Economy and infrastructure[edit]

In all areas of industry are employed 36,872 persons, including: manufacturing industry – 8494, agrarian industry – 3,614 people, government – 918 people in other areas – 23,846 people.

The raion has companies of such industries like light, food, chemical and petroleum, manufacturing various non-metal mineral products, metallurgy, engineering, and other manufacturing and machine maintenance.[2]

There are number of research centers Research and Design Bureau of General Aviation, Naftogaz Ukrayiny research institute of petro-gas industry, others.[2]

Agrarian industry[edit]

The agrarian industry is among the leading in the raion and possibly for that purpose there are number of agricultural research centers such as NAASU[a] Institute of Land Cultivation, NAASU Institute of Gardening, Kiev regional technical and planning center in ensuring of soil fertility and products quality, Boyarka Forest Research Station, and many others.[2] The agrarian industry specializes in growing of grain, vegetables, production of meat and dairy.[2]

In the area there are 28 agricultural enterprises,[citation needed][clarification needed] including: NDVAK "Pushcha Voditsa" (Kiev), ALLC AF "Bilogorodka" (v. Bilogorodka), ALLC "Buzivske" (v. Buzova) ALLC AK "Tarasivska "(v. Tarasivka) ALLC AK" Hotivskyy "(v.Khotiv), ALLC" Ahrolend "(v. Shpitki), JV" Bucha "(v. Gostomel) Ltd AF" Knyazhychi "(v. Knyazhychi) Ltd. Firm "Kryukivschyna" (v. Kryukivschyna), SGK "Rubezhivskyy" (v. Michalivska Rubezhivka), PE "Amaranth-Agro" (v. Dmitrovka) PDP "Gito" (v. Gorenichi) PDP "Shevchenko" (v. Gorenichi), PE "Agrosvit" (v. Novosilky) Ltd AF "Ahroma" (v. Petropavlivska Borschagivka), OJSC "Kiev vegetable factory" (Kiev), OJSC "Plodorozsadnytske" (v. Petrivske), JSC "Zabir'ya "(v. Zabir'ya), JSC" ornamental culture "(Boyarka) DG" Dmitrovka "(v. Dmitrovka) DG" Novosilky "(v. Novosilky) DG" Chabany "( Chabany ), NDH "Vorzel" (Vorzel) SSE "Chaika" branch "Lisne" (v. Lisne), auxiliary facilities "Bobritsa" (v. Bobritsa) Branch "Antonov – Agro" DPANTK named by Antonov (island Kruglik).

Education and healthcare[edit]

Education and healthcare sectors as throughout Ukraine are controlled majorly by government.

Education in the district is represented by the one higher education institution of I-II[clarification needed] levels of accreditation and 38 day schools of general (the number of students – 14 061), 37 pre-school institutions (number of children – 4912), 5 children's post-school institutions (involved 6,196 children) Medicine

In the area there are 44 medical institutions (clinics, ambulatories, health centers), 6 precinct hospitals, 1 city, 1 District, 17 primary health centers. Of the health of residents care about 3500 workers, including 5 distinguished doctors, 1 candidate of medical sciences.


The population of the raion's settlements is small. Among the biggest populated places are the cities of Boyarka and Vyshneve which do not exceed 40,000 residents each. The rest settlements have population no bigger than 5,000. The urban sprawl of Kiev infringes into the raion and many settlements while categorized as villages have residential clusters with multi-story panel-houses of the Soviet or Soviet-like design. With the ongoing demographic crisis in Ukraine, Kiev and its vicinities among which is the Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion experiences increase in population which is related to the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict (see Russian military intervention in Ukraine (2014–present)).

The raion has adequately developed transportation infrastructure. Through the Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion passes number of national routes Kiev–Lviv and Kiev–Odesa. The railway network belongs to the Southwestern Railways of Ukraine. Many cities near Kiev were developed around rail stations among which are Irpin, Vyshneve, and others. Beside the Hostomel Airport, there are number of smaller airfields throughout the Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion.

In a dacha settlement of Chaika, which itself is situated in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, is located a big sports complex consisting of a sports field for association football, car racing track, and other. There were some attempts to establish professional football clubs in Boyarka (Inter) and Vyshneve (Transimpeks), yet most of them failed so far.


The raion has number of historical landmarks related to history of Kiev region. In village of Shpytky there are remnants of Tereshchenko estate which belonged to the family of Ukrainian (Little Russian) entrepreneurs of Imperial Russia. Near the village of Bilhorodka there is an archaeological excavation which is believed to be related to the legendary city of Bilhorod, which is mentioned in chronicles as Belgorod Kievsky. Throughout the raion there are remnants of the Soviet fortified district (so called Kiev Ukrep-Raion) in form of so-called the "Long-term Defense Points" (DOTs, see Pillbox (military)). Many of them were simply left by the Stalinist troops during the 1941 battle of Kiev (also known as the Kiev Cauldron).


The raion administration consists of legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

The legislation is represented by the Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion council.

The executive authorities are represented by the Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion State Administration.

The judicial branch is represented by a local district court.


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  • [1] – Site of Kiev-Svyatoshinsky Regional State Administration