Kiev Archive Museum of Transitional Period

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Kiev Archive Museum of Transitional Period (Russian: Музей-архив переходного периода, Ukrainian: Музей-Архів Переходової доби) was a propaganda museum whose establishment was sanctioned by German occupants in 1942. The museum existed in April - October 1942. Its expositions demonstrated "achievements" of the German occupation and crimes of Joseph Stalin's regime. The museum's director was a famous Ukrainian historian Oleksandr Ohloblyn who used this opportunity to organize an exhibition about cultural monuments destroyed by Bolsheviks. Several historians, such as Oleksandr Hruzynsky, Svitozar Drahomanov, Natalia Polonska-Vasylenko etc. were appointed scientific advisors of the museum.

However, the propaganda effect of the museum was very low (about 20 visitors daily), and the museum was soon closed.