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Kiev Fashion Park is the first Ukrainian park of modern sculpture and installations.

Kiev Fashion Park

The idea of the project[edit]

A social cultural project Kiev Fashion Park was launched in spring 2011 in Kiev. Alexander Sokolovsky, the co-founder of the Ukrainian Fashion Week,had the idea of installing sculptures and original benches inspired by sketches of the leading Ukrainian fashion-designers in the parks and squares of Kiev. These sculptures and benches will be sponsored by donors whose financial support illustrates the project's capitalist intent, saving the city's funds.

Implementation of the project Kiev Fashion Park is planned in several stages. The Landscape alley has been chosen as the first place for the installation of KFP art-objects. A number of unique mosaic sculptures of Constantine Skritutsky already exist there. The second such park was opened in autumn 2011 in the Vladimir Hill’s area adjacent to the "Ukrainian House". Later on, it is planned to involve the Naddnipriansky and Taras Shevchenko parks in the project.

All sculptures and installations involved in the project were presented from the 17 February to 12 March 2011 in the framework of the "Great Sculpture Salon” in MC " Mystetsky Arsenal”. A charity auction of the project was held on March 12 2011 at MC "Mystetsky Arsenal”. Most of the works were purchased by sponsors and where installed at Landscape mall during spring 2011. The opening of the Kiev Fashion Park took place on May 27, 2011.

Project Participants[edit]

Some of the sculptors who contributed work to the project are Alexei Vladimirov, Peter Antipas, Alexander Alekseev, Nikolai Esipenko, Vlad Volossenkov, Nazar Bilyk, Michael Vertuozov, Jeanne Kadyrov, Alexander Lidagovsky, Basil Tartar, Basil Korchevoi. The sketches of benches were designed by Andre Tan, Alex Zalewski, Zinaida Likhachev, Sergey Smolin, Litkovskaya Lily, Lily Pustovit, Olga Gromova, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Konstantin Skritutsky.

Similar projects[edit]

Such parks already exist in many cities around the world. They attract millions of tourist all over the world and gladden the citizens by their originality. Projects of such parks have already been implemented in cities of the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Organizers of the project Kiev Fashion Park believe that the project should not be limited to sculptures, but also include benches that are very practical and relevant for any big city. According to the authors’ intention, a number of benches must be done in a mosaic technique. Mosaic tiles for such benches were donated by the “Agromat” Company.

Reading Glasses - by Sergei Danchinov
Watermelon - by Constantine Skritutsky
Sacred Hi-Tech - by Zinaida Likhacheva

Social responsibility of the project[edit]

Organizers of the project Kiev Fashion Park have demonstrated a high level of social responsibility by taking into account all comments, wishes and opinions regarding the project format expressed not only by the public, but also even by individual citizens. As a consequence, the next phase of Kiev Fashion Park will be provided with the following changes: the contest will be held publicly among all sculptors, architects, designers and artists; a public discussion of the sketches will be conducted; the Independent Advisory Council will be created. This council will consist of leading experts in the sphere: art historians, architects, landscape designers, etc., engaged on a voluntary basis.

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