NASU Institute of Electrodynamics

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NASU Institute of Electrodynamics (IED) (Ukrainian: Інститут електродинаміки НАН України, (ІЕД НАНУ)) is a Ukraine leading science institution in field of electrical engineering, thermal power (heat energy), and research of electrodynamics located in Kyiv, Ukraine as a part of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. It is well known for the prominent achievements in the field of computer science and electronics, made in early 1950s by Sergei Alekseyevich Lebedev.

The institute was established in 1947 on the basis of electrical engineering department of the NASU Energy Institute as the NASU Institute of Electrical Engineering. In 1963 it was renamed as the NASU Institute of Electrodynamics.

Notable achievements[edit]

  • MESM, an abbreviation for small electronic calculating system


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