Kiev Light Rail

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Kiev Light Rail
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LocaleKiev, Ukraine
Transit typeLight rail/Tram
Number of lines2 lines / 5 routes[1]
Number of stations19
Began operation1978
System length21 km (13 mi)[citation needed]
Track gauge1,524 mm (5 ft)
ElectrificationOverhead lines

The Kiev Light Rail or Kiev Express Tram (Ukrainian: Київський швидкісний трамвай, translit.: Kyivs’kyi shvydkisnyi tramvai) is a light rail rapid transit service that serves the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The system is grade-separated from the Kiev's regular tram system.

Currently there are two separate light rail lines distant from each other; the third line already announced as a firm urban planning decision. Both lines have intermodal stations interconnected with the Kiev Metro, urban electric train, in addition to other modes of the city's public transport.


Pravoberezhna Line[edit]

The Pravoberezhna Line (Ukrainian: Правобережна лінія) is the first tram line to be opened, and is located on the city's right-bank. It was closed for reconstruction in 2008 and opened again on 16 October 2010. The line is separated from other street traffic by fence for most of its length.

Livoberezhna Line[edit]

The Livoberezhna Line (Ukrainian: Лівобережна лінія) is the system's second light rail line that was built in 1993-2000 to serve the Troieschyna neighborhood. It was closed after low passenger traffic in 2009, although it was rebuilt to connect with the urban electric train in 2010-2012 and re-opened on 25 October 2012. The line is also entirely separated from other traffic with fence and bridges.[2]



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