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Coordinates: 50°25′53″N 30°31′00″E / 50.43139°N 30.51667°E / 50.43139; 30.51667

Kiev Planetarium in January 2012
Planetarium projector of the Kiev Planetarium

Kiev Planetarium (previously Republican Planetarium; Ukrainian: Київський планетарій) in Kiev, Ukraine is one of the largest planetaria in the CIS (former Soviet states). Opened on January 1, 1952 by the initiative of the scientist-astronomer Serhiy Vsekhsviatskiy (1905–1984), the planetarium has a dome of 23.5 meters in diameter, and seats 320 people.

In 1987, Kiev Planetarium moved to new premises on the street. Red Army, 57 /3, where he remains to this day. The new building was set device " Large Zeiss IV», allowing to demonstrate the 6500 stars of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The planetarium offers lectures on astronomy, geography, natural history. When the children's planetarium astronomical school for students 6–11 years of age and art studio. Kiev Planetarium is a division of the Society "Knowledge" of Ukraine.

Atmasfera 360[edit]

In December 2011 an entertainment center ATMASFERA 360 was founded on the basis of the planetarium. Specifications of the dome: diameter - 23 meters, the height of the dome - 11.5 meters. It is equipped with a modern 4k digital projection system supplied by Ukrainian company Front Pictures. The system uses 15 projectors which work on a single Screenberry media server. Due to digital autocalibration system the calibration process takes up to 15 minutes and includes all 5 stages:

  • Geometric alignment
  • Edge blending
  • Brightness uniformity
  • Gamma matching
  • Black level compensation

Atmasfera 360 is equipped with a software, Event Horizon. Event Horizon is a real-time 3D fulldome environment that visualizes and simulates the known Universe according to accurate, up-to-date scientific data. The software is based on the latest Unreal Engine technology and provides up to 4K resolution graphics which, combined with a beautiful soundtrack, gives a revolutionary viewing experience.

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