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Kyiv cake
Kiev cake slice.JPG
Kyiv cake slice
Alternative names Kiev cake
Course Dessert
Place of origin Ukraine
Region or state Kiev
Creator Karl Marx Confectionery Factory
Main ingredients Meringue, hazelnuts, chocolate
Food energy
(per serving)
481 kilocalories per 100 g[1] kcal
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A Kyiv cake or Kiev cake (Ukrainian: торт "Київський") is a brand of dessert cake, made in Kiev, Ukraine since December 6, 1956[2] by the Karl Marx Confectionery Factory (now a subsidiary of the Roshen corporation). It soon became popular all over the USSR.

The cake has become one of the symbols of Kiev city, particularly by its brand name and package, depicting the chestnut leaf (the informal coat of arms of Kiev).

The cake has two airy layers of meringue with hazelnuts, chocolate glaze, and a buttercream-like filling.[1]

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