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Government enterprise
Industry Film
Fate transformed
Successor National Cinematheque of Ukraine,
Founded 1941
Defunct 1990
Headquarters Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR
Products Animation, TV films
Owner Soviet government

Kyivnaukfilm (Ukrainian: Київнаукфільм, sometimes translated as Kyiv Science Film), was a film studio in the former Soviet Union located in Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, established in 1941.


It was the largest European studio for non-fiction films. The name is an abbreviation for "Kyiv Science Films", and its main task was production of popular science films and documentaries covering a broad range of topics. In addition it released 342 animated films, a large number of which are still popular today, such as a series about Zaporizhian Cossacks (directed by Volodymyr Dakhno), Adventures of Captain Vrungel series, Doctor Aybolit, and a version of Treasure Island (all three directed by David Cherkasky). The studio's films received numerous awards at international and national film festivals. Film director Felix Sobolev (Animals' Tongue, I and Others, Can Animals Think?) and studio Editor-in-Chief Yevgeni Zagdansky are considered to be trailblazers and figures of major influence in the documentary field in the former Soviet Union. Every year the studio released over 400 films.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kyivnaukfilm went into decline and was renamed National Cinematheque of Ukraine.


  • Doctor Aybolit, director David Cherkasky
  • Cossacks series (1967-1995), director Volodymyr Dakhno
    • Як козаки куліш варили (1967)
    • Як козаки у футбол грали (1970)
    • Як козаки наречених визволяли (1973)
    • Як козаки сіль купували (1975)
    • Як козаки олімпійцями стали (1978)
    • Як козаки мушкетерам допомагали (1979)
    • Як козаки на весіллі гуляли (1984)
    • Як козаки інопланетян зустрічали (1987)
    • Як козаки у хокей грали (1995)
  • Як годували ведмежа (1976)
  • Музичні казки (1976)
  • Пригоди капітана Врунгеля / Adventures of Captain Vrungel series (1976-1979), director David Cherkasky
  • Пригоди коваля Вакули / Adventures of Vakula the Smith (1977)
  • Перша зима (1978)
  • Золоторогий олень (1979)
  • Як несли стіл (1979)
  • Жили-були матрьошки (1981)
  • Аліса в Країні чудес / Alice in Wonderland (1981)
  • Through the Looking Glass (1981)
  • Зучтріч (1984)
  • Три Паньки series (1989-1991)
    • Три Паньки (1989)
    • Три Паньки хазяйнують (1990)
    • Три Паньки ярмаркують (1991)
  • Острів скарбів / Treasure Island (1988), director David Cherkasky

Popular science / documentaries[edit]

  • The Blown up Dawn, Підірваний світанок, 1965, director Felix Sobolev
  • Animals' Language, Мова тварин, 1967, director Felix Sobolev
  • Seven Steps beyond Horizon, Сім кроків за горизонт, 1968, director Felix Sobolev
  • Can Animals Think? Чи думають звірі? 1970, director Felix Sobolev
  • Myself and Others, Я та інші, 1971, director Felix Sobolev
  • Indian yogis. Who are they? Індійські йоги: хто вони? 1970,director Almar Serebryanikov
  • Echo of our Emotions, Луна наших емоцій (1977)
  • People and Dolphins, Люди і дельфіни (1983), director Volodymyr Khmelnytskyi
  • Vavilov's Star, Зірка Вавилова, 1984, director Anatoliy Borsuk
  • Експертиза однієї сенсації, 1985, (about pseudoscience), director Lev Udovenko
  • A Footprint, Відбиток, 1985, director Anatoliy Borsuk
  • A Man from 6am through Midnight, Чоловік з шостої до півночі, 1987, (about everyday struggles of a young professional engineer in the Soviet Union), director Andrei Zagdansky
  • Interpretation of Dreams, Тлумачення сновидінь, 1989, (Freudian interpretation and "equation" of communism and nazism) director Andrei Zagdansky
  • Rauol Valenberg's Mission, Місія Рауля Валенберга, 1990, director Alexander Rodnyansky

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