Kigali Convention Centre

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Kigali Convention Centre
Kigali Convention Center.jpg
Night view of the centre.
AddressKigali Roundabout, Kimihurura
LocationKigali, Rwanda
Coordinates01°57′17″S 30°05′38″E / 1.95472°S 30.09389°E / -1.95472; 30.09389Coordinates: 01°57′17″S 30°05′38″E / 1.95472°S 30.09389°E / -1.95472; 30.09389
OwnerUltimate Concept Limited
OperatorRadisson Blu[1]
Built2009 – 2016
Construction cost
$300 million[1]
Theatre seating
Enclosed space
 • Total space13.6 hectares (34 acres)[1]

The Kigali Convention Centre is a convention centre in Kigali, the capital and largest city in Rwanda.[2]


The convention centre is located on Highway KN5, adjacent to the KG2 Roundabout, about 6 kilometres (4 mi) west of Kigali International Airport.[3] This is about 7 kilometres (4 mi) east of the neighborhood of Kigali called Nyabugogo.[4]

Interior of the centre.


In 2007, three Rwandan corporate investors pooled resources to build the real estate complex. They formed a company called Ultimate Concept Limited, to develop and own the centre. The centre has four major components:

  1. A 5-star hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel Kigali, with 292 rooms on six floors
  2. Conference center with seating capacity of 2,600
  3. Kigali Information Technology Park, with 32,200 square metres (346,598 sq ft) of rentable office and retail space, and
  4. A museum on the bottom floor of the IT office park.[1][2]

Construction began in 2009[1] and was completed in 2016.[5]


Ultimate Concept Limited, the owner-developer of the convention centre, is a Rwandan company whose ownership is as depicted in the table below:[1]

Ultimate Concept Limited Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 Prime Holdings Limited 50.0
2 Social Security Fund of Rwanda 25.0
3 Rwanda Investment Group 25.0
Total 100.00


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