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Kigamboni is a District of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is linked by the Kigamboni Bridge to the Kurasini area and by ferry to Kivukoni and the central business district.

The Kigamboni District is divided into two administrative wards, Mbagala and Kigamboni.[1][better source needed]

Kigamboni was formerly an administrative ward in the Temeke District of Dar es Salaam. According to the 2002 census, the ward had a total population of 36,701.[2]

Future development[edit]

Due to the expansion of economic activities, Dar es Salaam is expanding faster. In the coming few years, it is expected to expand even more and economic activities will increase. Especially, Kigamboni, the site area has a strong presence with large tracts of good, unexploited land.

According to various studies on the presence of unpolluted beaches, the redevelopment of Kigamboni will spearhead economic development and increase the national income. The big picture of the Kigamboni new city master plan is to provide sufficient infrastructure in order that the residents have a better quality of life and to build a core for developing new land demands of Dar es Salaam, such as residential, commercial, trade and business, industrial, educational, and tourism facilities.

This report for the Kigamboni new city master plan is divided into eight sections.

The first section is the introduction, which provides the overall project description, including work scope and procedures. Section 2 provides physical, social and economic analysis of the site area and various case studies offering good examples of a new city master plan. The detailed plans in each field such as the Master plan, Infrastructure plan, ICT, Tourist resort development plan, and Architectural guidelines are introduced from Sections 3 to 7 in order. The last section is the implementation program, and it describes the development phase. A powerpoint presentation and PDF's of the plans can be found at this link.[3]

Notable landmarks[edit]



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Coordinates: 6°49′S 39°19′E / 6.817°S 39.317°E / -6.817; 39.317