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Kiganjo is located in Kenya
Location of Kiganjo in Kenya
Coordinates: 0°14′S 37°00′E / 0.23°S 37°E / -0.23; 37Coordinates: 0°14′S 37°00′E / 0.23°S 37°E / -0.23; 37
Country Kenya
County Nyeri County
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Kiganjo is a settlement in Kenya's Nyeri county. It hosts the Kenya Police College[1] which is Kenya's main college for police training. Kiganjo also hosts one of the Kenya Cooperative Creameries KCC (now New KCC)[2] and a milk depot for the Brookside Milk Company[3] (at Chaka). Kiganjo sits at the junction of roads from Nairobi (A2) and Nyeri (B5), and hosts a railway station on the northern arm of the Kenyan Railway System.


Kiganjo Kenya Police College has long hosted the first Kenyan High Altitude Athletics Training Camp where famous athletes such as Kipchoge Keino and Ben Jipcho started their athletics careers.

Sagana Lodge[edit]

Sagana Lodge, one of several state lodges, is located in Kiganjo.

Notable people[edit]


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