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Kigezi (red)

Kigezi sub-region is a region in Western Uganda that consists of the following districts:

The area covered by the above districts constituted the former Kigezi District. The sub-region is further divided into the following counties:

  1. Rukiga County in Kabale District
  2. Ndorwa County in Kabale District
  3. Rubanda County in Kabale District
  4. Kinkizi County in Rukungiri District
  5. Rujumbura County in Rukungiri District
  6. Kisoro County in Kisoro District

The sub-region was home to approximately 1.2 million inhabitants, according to the 2002 national census.[1] The majority of the inhabitants of the sub-region belong to three major ethnic groups: (a) the Bakiga, the Bahororo and Banyarwanda. Other ethnicities include (d) the Batwa, the Bafumbira and others. The inhabitants of the sub-region also collectively refer to themselves as Abanyakigezi (singular Omunyakigezi).[2]

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