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Baa Kihaadhoo
View of Kihaadhoo from west side
Kihaadhoo is located in Maldives
Location in Maldives
Coordinates: 05°12′56″N 73°07′30″E / 5.21556°N 73.12500°E / 5.21556; 73.12500Coordinates: 05°12′56″N 73°07′30″E / 5.21556°N 73.12500°E / 5.21556; 73.12500
Country Maldives
Geographic atoll Maalhosmadulu Dhekunuburi
Administrative atoll Baa Atoll
Distance to Malé 122.75 km (76.27 mi)
 • Council Ahmed Rasheed (P), Abdulla Faisal, Mohamed Ashraf, Mohamed Shareef, Abdulla Muaz
 • Total 0.265 km2 (0.102 sq mi)
 • Length 0.840 km (0.522 mi)
 • Width 0.490 km (0.304 mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 480
 • Density 1,800/km2 (4,700/sq mi)
Time zone MST (UTC+05:00)
Assigned Letter F-6

Kihaadhoo (Dhivehi: ކިހާދޫ) is one of the inhabited islands of Baa Atoll.


The Island Kihaadhoo is located in northern central of South Maalhosmadulu or Baa Atoll. Even though the population of the island is small, the island itself is the third largest island in Baa Atoll with a land area of 26.40 ha. The closest inhabited island is Dhonfanu, to which its takes only few minutes to go by a dhoani. The island has a small harbor for transporting goods and people from nearby islands.

Industry and education[edit]

The main income for people of Kihaadhoo includes tourism, fishing and some agricultural activities. The island is famous in weaving from coconut leaves and it holds a strong name in the Maldivian society. Kihaadhoo school which is now built at the western part of the island provide education for all school age children of Kihaadhoo and some students from neighboring


It was evident that the people have lived in the eastern part of the island at first, and moved to the current place about 80 years ago. The migration was mainly due to contamination of groundwater and increased death rate. There were so many stories regarding the migrations and the recent migration was only about 35 years ago when people of Kihaadhoo was taken to Baa Hithaadhoo from which they came back due to discriminations and minority issues.