Kiichiro Toyoda

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Kiichiro Toyoda
Kiichiro Toyoda.jpg
Born June 11, 1894
Shizuoka, Japan
Died March 27, 1952 (aged 57)
Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Occupation Founder of Toyota Motor Corporation
Children Shoichiro Toyoda
Tatsuro Toyoda

Kiichiro Toyoda (豊田 喜一郎, Toyoda Kiichirō, June 11, 1894 – March 27, 1952) was a Japanese entrepreneur and the son of Toyoda Loom Works founder Sakichi Toyoda. His decision to take Toyoda Loom Works into automobile manufacturing created what would become Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyoda Loomworks and Toyota Motors[edit]

Kiichiro Toyoda persuaded his brother,who was responsible as head of the family business, to invest into expansion of Toyoda Loom Works into a concept automobiles division; of which was considered a risk to the family business at the time. Shortly before Sakichi Toyoda died, he encouraged his son to follow his dream and pursue automobile manufacturing — Kiichiro would solidify the mechanical prowess the family had experienced inventing steam, oil, and electric looms, and would develop and institute what eventually became the global powerhouse of modern fame today, Toyota Motor Corporation. He would also institute the spelling of the automobile company away from the family name to famously garner good luck.

Toyoda would never know the success that would come to him as he resigned from the company he developed in 1950 in reaction to flagging sales and profitability. He would pass away two years later; his contemporaries would call him “Japan’s Thomas Edison.”[1]. In 1957, his cousin and confidant Eiji Toyoda, would follow him as head of Toyota Motor Corporation, and build the late Toyoda's successful expansion into a world class conglomeration of engineering and the launch of Japan's most prominent luxury brand, Lexus.

Early life and education[edit]

Son to the founder of Toyoda Automatic Loomworks, and the forebear of two Toyota Motors Chief Executives, Kiichiro Toyoda was born on June 11, 1894 at Aichi Prefecture, Japan[2]. His father, Sakichi Toyoda, and mother Tam, would found the family textile loom fabrication business that would become the modern day international automaker. He would go on to marry Hatajo Shinshichi, the daughter of the Takashimaya department store chain co-founder, Iida Shinshichi. At the height of the pacific theater of World War II, the Toyoda family would be effected on both family business and home fronts. His children's education would be delayed by civil ramifications, and his business would be compelled to manufacture trucks for the imperial Japanese Army. The family firms would be spared destruction in the days before the Japanese government's surrender.

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Business positions
Preceded by
Rizaburo Toyoda
CEO of Toyota
Succeeded by
Taizo Ishida