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Kiip logo image.png
Available in English
Owner Brian Wong
Commercial Yes
Launched 2010
Current status Active

Kiip is a mobile advertising network.[1][2][3][4] It was co-founded by Brian Wong, Courtney Guertin, and Amadeus Demarzi in 2010. Instead of digital rewards, Kiip provides consumers with tangible rewards, like a bottle of water for every eight miles run by a user.[2] Kiip’s rewards platforms is designed for in-app engagement.[5]


The Kiip co-founders

Wong developed the idea for Kiip on an airplane, when he observed its passengers on their iPads.[6][7] Many passengers were playing games, where the games' advertisements took up screen space that couldn't be used by the game itself.[6] Wong hypothesized that instead, games could leverage moments of achievement—such as level ups and high scores—with a rewards program where advertisers could make consumer offers.[8][9][10]

In July 2010, Wong teamed with Courtney Guertin and Amadeus Demarzi to found the company,[11] Kiip raised $300,000 in seed capital from True Ventures, Vast Ventures, Paige Craig, Rohan Oza, Keith Belling, Joe Stump, and Chris Redlitz.[12] In subsequent A and B rounds, Kiip has raised a total of $15.4 million from investors including Relay Ventures, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Interpublic Group, American Express Ventures, Digital Garage, Crosslink Capital, True Ventures, Venture51, Transmedia Capital, and Verizon Ventures.[1][13][14] In 2016 they received a Series C round of $12 million, for a total of $32 million.[15]


Kiip is currently[when?] active on about 4,000 apps played on 150 million devices.[16][17][18] The company has offices in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver,[19] London, Bogota, and Tokyo.[1][20][21] Apps using Kiip include games and fitness apps[22] such as RunKeeper.[23] The company has also integrated with productivity apps, such as[24] and Finish 2.0.[25] Kiip is also integrated with the Yahoo! Japan app, which was the first time Yahoo! Japan has integrated a third-party service into its app.[26] Clients include 7-Eleven, Amazon, American Apparel, Campbell’s, Ford, Hasbro, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Mondelēz International (formerly Kraft Foods), Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Sony Music, Unilever, Verizon and Wrigley.[27] The company's platform integrates real-world rewards to mobile users.[1] It also runs the developer tool Kiip Neon.[28] In 2014, Kiip formed a strategic partnership with IPG to release a mobile usage study.[29]


Kiip was listed by Fast Company as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the world in 2013[30] and by Forbes as one of the "4 Hot Online Ad Companies".[31] Kiip was also named to the Dow Jones' FasTech50 List.[32]


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