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Kikagati is located in Uganda
Map of Uganda showing the location of Kikagati.
Coordinates: 01°02′42″S 30°40′07″E / 1.04500°S 30.66861°E / -1.04500; 30.66861
Elevation 1,240 m (4,070 ft)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Kikagati is a town in Western Uganda.


Kikagati is located in Isingiro District, Ankole sub-region, in southwestern Uganda. The town lies close to Uganda's border with Tanzania. It is located approximately 327 kilometres (203 mi), by road, southwest of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city.[1] This location is approximately 61 kilometres (38 mi), by road, south of Mbarara, the largest city in the sub-region.[2] The coordinates of the town are:01 02 42S, 30 40 07E (Latitude:-1.0450; Longitude:30.6686).


The small town of Kikagati, Isingiro District, southwestern Uganda, sits on Uganda's border with the Republic of Tanzania. Nestled between hills that rise to heights of 1,420 metres (4,660 ft) on the Ugandan side and 1,560 metres (5,120 ft) on the Tanzanian side, the town is a major crossing point between the two countries.


The exact population of Kikagati is not known as of February 2010.

Points of interest[edit]

The following points of interest lie within the town limits or close to the edges of the town:

  • The offices of Kikagati Town Council
  • The International Border Crossing between Uganda and the Republic of Tanzania
  • The Kagera River - It runs along the border between Uganda and Tanzania in some areas near Kikagati
  • Kikagati Central Market
  • Kikagati Power Station - The 16 MW mini-hydroproject is currently under development by the Norwegian power company called TrønderEnergi.
  • The Mbarara-Kikagati Road - The 62 kilometres (39 mi) road, is currently being upgraded to all-weather bitumen surface. It continues into Northern Tanzania as Highway B182.

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Coordinates: 01°02′42″S 30°40′07″E / 1.04500°S 30.66861°E / -1.04500; 30.66861