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Kiki may refer to:


  • Kiki (given name), a list of people
  • Kiki (nickname), a list of people
  • Albert Maori Kiki (1931–1993), Papua New Guinea pathologist and politician
  • Dani Kiki (born 1988), Bulgarian footballer
  • Kiki Dee (born 1947), stage name of British singer/songwriter Pauline Matthews
  • Alice Prin (1901–1953), French artist, writer and model known as "Kiki de Montparnasse" or "Kiki"
  • Kiki of Paris (born 1945), a pseudonym of a Parisian photographer
  • Kirin Kiki (born Keiko Nakatani in 1943), Japanese actress

Fictional characters[edit]

Films, books, magazines[edit]


Radio stations[edit]

  • KIKI (AM), licensed to Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
  • KUBT, an FM station licensed to Honolulu, formerly KIKI, which operates an HD channel named KIKI
  • KHVH, an AM station licensed to Honolulu, which held the call sign KIKI from 1973 to 1990

Other uses[edit]

  • Bouba/kiki effect, an observed neurophysiological effect tying certain sounds to specific shapes
  • Kiki Station, a train station in Minami, Japan
  • Kiki (gathering), an informal term meaning a social gathering primarily for gossip or generally having a good time

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