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Kiki Bokassa
Marie-Ange Bokassa[1]

1975 (age 43–44)
Paris, France

Princess Kiki Bokassa (born 1975, Paris, France)[2] is an autodidact conceptual artist, who works in the expressionist, figurative art genre.[2][3] She has paintings in private collections in the Persian Gulf and USA.[3] She was brought up in Lebanon and has exhibited widely in Beirut and overseas.[2]

In April 2009, Bokassa created an immersive art event in Beirut entitled ‘72 hrs’, in which she painted for 72 hours continuously as a peaceful form of expression in self-imposed incarceration. The work took place in a giant canvas cube at Laboratoire d'Art. The event came to the attention of more than 30 international media outlets and was reported in at least 74 countries.[2][4]

She is the daughter of Emperor of the Central African Empire Jean-Bédel Bokassa.[1]


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