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Kikla is located in Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 32°04′06″N 12°41′40″E / 32.06833°N 12.69444°E / 32.06833; 12.69444Coordinates: 32°04′06″N 12°41′40″E / 32.06833°N 12.69444°E / 32.06833; 12.69444
Country  Libya
Region Tripolitania
District Jabal al Gharbi
Population (2006)[1]
 • Total 10,350
Time zone EET (UTC+2)

Kikla (Arabic: ككلة‎) is a town of approximately 10,000 inhabitants in Libya, most of whom are arab and some Berber (Amazigh) descent, , and is approximately 150 kilometres south-west of the country's capital, Tripoli.[2] It was also a battleground during the 2011 Nafusa Mountains Campaign of the Libyan Civil War. Kikla is also home to three older cities: Sidi Omer, Zawit Abu Madi and Ijhish. Other towns within Kikla are Likhzour (Arabic: لخزور‎), Takbal (Arabic: تكبال‎), Awlad Issa (Arabic: أولاد عيسى‎), Awlad Omran (Arabic: أولاد عمران‎),Mzaida (Arabic: المزايدة‎), Awlad Boziry (Arabic: أولاد بوزيري‎), Awlad Saeed (Arabic: أولاد سعيد‎),Awlad Sidi Omar (Arabic: أولاد سيدي عمر‎) and Amzir (Arabic: أمزير‎), the later in Berber languages(Tamazight) means waterfall. On 14 June 2011 Kikla was recaptured by the rebels.[3]

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