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This article is about the settlement. For the airport, see Kikori Airport. For the river, see Kikori River.
Kikori is located in Papua New Guinea
Location within Papua New Guinea
Coordinates: 7°25′S 144°14′E / 7.417°S 144.233°E / -7.417; 144.233
Country Papua New Guinea
Province Gulf Province
LLG Kikori District
Elevation 12 m (39 ft)
Time zone AEST (UTC+10)
  • 179 km (111 mi) north-north-west of Kerema
  • 217 km (135 mi) north-east of Daru
Mean min temp 22 °C (72 °F)
Annual rainfall 5,840 mm (229.9 in)
Climate Af

Kikori is a settlement in Papua New Guinea.[1]

Kikori lies in the delta of the Kikori River at the head of the Gulf of Papua. This area is particularly biologically rich with a diversity of ecosystems and densely forested, with an intricate system of rivers. The geography is that of limestone karst country, with clay type soils. Oil exploitation in Kikori has been operating for several years. Its first commercial oil deposits were found there by the Kutubu Joint Venture (KJV) which has since constructed a pipeline to the Gulf of Papua and is actively extracting oil from the region.[2]

It has an average annual rainfall of about 584 centimetres (230 inches).[3] It is the site of Kikori Airport.


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