Kilab ibn Murrah

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Kilab ibn Murrah
Born 372
Known for Ancestor of Muhammad
Spouse(s) Fatimah bint Sa'd
Children Zuhrah ibn Kilab (son)
Qusai ibn Kilab (son)
Parent(s) Murrah ibn Ka'b (father)
Hind bint Surayr ibn Thalabah (mother)
Relatives Taym ibn Murrah (brother)

Kilab ibn Murrah (Arabic: كلاب بن مُرة‎‎) (born 373 CE) was the paternal great-great-great-great grandfather and maternal great-great-great grandfather of the Islamic prophet Muḥammad.[1]


Kilab was the son of Murrah ibn Ka'b ibn Lu'ay ibn Ghalib ibn Fihr ibn Malik by his first wife Hind bint Surayr ibn Thalabah ibn Harith ibn Fihr ibn Malik. Both his parents were descendants of Ibrahim (Abraham) through his son Ismail (Ishmael), and trace their lineage back to Fihr the progenitor of Banu Quraysh.

He had two half-brothers, Taym ibn Murrah and Yaqazah ibn Murrah, through his father's second wife, Asma bint Adiy (Hind bint Harithah al-Bariqiyyah) of Asad.[2]

He was married to Fatimah bint Sa'd ibn Sayl, who bore him two sons. His elder son, Zuhrah ibn Kilab, was the progenitor of the Banu Zuhrah clan, and his younger son, Qusai ibn Kilab, became the first Quraysh custodian of the Ka'aba. After his death his wife married Rabi'ah ibn Haram from the Banu Udhrah tribe.

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