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Kilcoo Camp
FoundedOntario, Canada (1932, as Kilcoo Camp)
Key people
David 'Lub' Latimer, Director
Patrick Tingley, Assistant Director

Kilcoo Camp is a private boys' camp located on Gull Lake near Minden, Ontario, Canada and has been in operation since 1932. The camp tends to draw campers from Toronto, although it has been known to have campers attend from around the world.

Kilcoo Camp offers many activities such as: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, cliff diving, woodcraft, archery, arts and crafts, mountain biking, rock climbing, and many others. Kilcoo also has the facilities for basketball, ball hockey, baseball, soccer, football, and other sports. In addition to regular programing, a number of special, camp-wide events take place each month. Each Sunday is characterized by a non-denominational Chapel service, carried out on the historic and memorable Chapel Point. Each month is highlighted by its own campwide event: The Bushpede in July and the Kilcoo Olympic Games in August.

Kilcoo also maintains an out-tripping program, sending groups to local destinations in Ontario and Quebec as well as more remote locations, like the Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories and Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island.

Kilcoo maintains strong contact with its alumni: a good number of new campers are sons or grandsons of past Kilcoo campers. There are several reunion events, which afford the opportunity for past staff and campers to reconnoiter. Amici, a charitable organization that endeavors to send children to summer camp, was founded and continues to be run in majority by Kilcoo alumni.

The camp is divided into five sections based on age. From youngest to oldest these are Trailblazers, Pathfinders, Nor Westers, Trappers and Voyageurs.


Kilcoo Camp was founded in 1932 by Charles F. Plewman. During Plewman's tenure, the camp grew extensively and gained a strong clientele among parents and children in Toronto. John "Chief" Latimer purchased the camp from Plewman and became director and owner. During his time as Director he still instituted Plewman's ideas and combined with his own unique directing style. After Chief retired as director, Hal Hannaford, currently the Headmaster of Selwyn house in Montreal, was named director. Following Hal's directorship, John's son David "Lub" Latimer became the current director. David has been the director of Kilcoo for over 35 years.


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