Kilfera County

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New South Wales
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Location in New South Wales
Lands administrative divisions around Kilfera:
Perry Manara Waljeers
Wentworth Kilfera Waljeers
Taila Caira Waljeers

Kilfera County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. Hatfield is located there.

Kilfera County was named after the nearby Kilfera Station.[1]

Parishes within this county[edit]

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Bidura Balranald Shire unknown
Bomarthong Balranald Shire 33°46′03″S 144°03′43″E / 33.76750°S 144.06194°E / -33.76750; 144.06194 (Bomarthong)
Chnowa Balranald Shire 33°52′34″S 143°42′48″E / 33.87611°S 143.71333°E / -33.87611; 143.71333 (Chnowa)
Culpaterong Balranald Shire 33°48′25″S 143°52′57″E / 33.80694°S 143.88250°E / -33.80694; 143.88250 (Culpaterong)
Juanbung Balranald Shire 33°58′59″S 143°44′04″E / 33.98306°S 143.73444°E / -33.98306; 143.73444 (Juanbung)
Magenta Balranald Shire 33°47′52″S 143°29′50″E / 33.79778°S 143.49722°E / -33.79778; 143.49722 (Magenta)
Sahara East Balranald Shire 34°04′39″S 144°01′17″E / 34.07750°S 144.02139°E / -34.07750; 144.02139 (Sahara East)
Sahara Balranald Shire 33°57′34″S 143°52′12″E / 33.95944°S 143.87000°E / -33.95944; 143.87000 (Sahara)
Solferino Balranald Shire 33°47′51″S 143°17′47″E / 33.79750°S 143.29639°E / -33.79750; 143.29639 (Solferino)
Tankie Balranald Shire 33°37′24″S 143°19′58″E / 33.62333°S 143.33278°E / -33.62333; 143.33278 (Tankie)
Willilbah East Balranald Shire 33°57′28″S 143°34′06″E / 33.95778°S 143.56833°E / -33.95778; 143.56833 (Willilbah East)
Willilbah Balranald Shire unknown
Woolpagerie Balranald Shire 33°42′46″S 143°32′32″E / 33.71278°S 143.54222°E / -33.71278; 143.54222 (Willilbah)
Yelkeer North Balranald Shire 33°44′46″S 143°53′33″E / 33.74611°S 143.89250°E / -33.74611; 143.89250 (Yelkeer North)
Yhoul Balranald Shire unknown


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