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This is a Catalan name. The paternal family name is Jornet and the maternal family name is Burgada.
Kílian Jornet Burgada
Kilian jornet Grand raid 2010.JPG
Jornet during the 2010 Grand Raid
Personal information
Born (1987-10-27) 27 October 1987 (age 29)
Sabadell, Spain
Height 1.71 m (5 ft 7 in)[1]
Weight 58 kg (128 lb; 9.1 st)[2]
Website http://www.kilianjornet.cat/

Kílian Jornet Burgada (born 27 October 1987 in Sabadell, Spain) is a professional ski mountaineer and long-distance runner.[3][4][5]

He is a six-time champion of the long-distance running Skyrunner World Series and has won some of the most prestigious ultramarathons, including the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, Grand Raid, the Western States Endurance Run and the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run.

Jornet holds the fastest known time for the ascent and descent of Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and Denali.


Cap de Rec mountain hut where Jornet grew up.

Jornet was born in Sabadell, Spain near Barcelona. He grew up in Refugi de Cap de Rec, a mountain hut at 2000 meters in the Pyrenees at the cross-country Lles ski resort in Lles de Cerdanya, where his father was a hut keeper and mountain guide.[3] At the age of three he climbed Tuc de Molières, a three-thousander in the Pyrenees. By the age of five he climbed Aneto 3,404 m (11,168 ft), the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, and a year later he climbed his first four-thousander, the Breithorn (4,164 m (13,661 ft)) in Switzerland.[6]

He started ski mountaineering in 1999, and competed for the first time at the La Molina race of the Spanish Cup in 2000.[citation needed] In 2003, he became a junior member of the Spanish national ski mountaineering team, and has raced as a senior since 2007.[citation needed] Jornet studied at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia.[7][better source needed]

Jornet has been recognised as an elite athlete since 2004[8] by the Catalan and Spanish sports councils (Consell Català de l’Esport and Consejo Superior de Deportes).[9] For his achievements in the "junior" class ski mountaineering team, he won the Catalan sports award (Premi d’honor d’esport català) in 2004, 2005 and 2006.[citation needed]

In 2005 he set a course record of 2:30:57 for the race to the 4,015-metre (13,173 ft) summit of the Dôme de Neige des Écrins.[10] He was World Champion in the Buff SkyRunner World Series in 2007,[8] 2008 and 2009[11] becoming the youngest athlete to win this honour.[8]

Personal life[edit]

His sister Naila Jornet Burgada and his girlfriend Emelie Forsberg from Sweden also compete in ski mountaineering and skyrunning events[12] On 7 September 2013 Jornet and Forsberg had to be rescued by the "Peloton de Gendarmerie de haute montagne" (PGHM, alpine rescue squad) at 3,800 meters of altitude (ésperon Frendo) while attempting to climb the north face of the Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc massif, wearing trail running shoes with crampons[13] and a body stocking.[citation needed]

"Summits of My Life" Project[edit]

"Summits of My Life" is Kilian Jornet's personal project, in which he is trying to set ascent and descent records for some of the most important mountains on the planet, and is planned to culminate with the record attempt on Mount Everest.[14][self-published source?] This project includes:

  • Mont Blanc traverse, 4,810 m (15,780 ft). In September 2012, Jornet completed the Innominata, a route linking Courmayeur and Chamonix, in 8 hours and 42 minutes.[15] A previous attempt at ski crossing the Mont Blanc massif from Les Contamines to Champex in June 2012 resulted in the death of the French mountaineer Stéphane Brosse when a snow cornice collapsed under him.[16][17][18]
  • Mont Blanc. In July 2013, Jornet achieved the fastest known time for the ascent and descent from Chamonix in 4 hours and 57 minutes.[19][20]
  • Matterhorn, 4,478 m (14,692 ft). In August 2013, Jornet achieved the fastest known time for the ascent and descent from Breuil-Cervinia in 2 hours and 52 minutes.[21] He improved the previous fastest known time set by Bruno Brunod in 1995 by more than 20 minutes. He started climbing up the 14,962 ft peak during mid-afternoon local time, reaching the summit in 1 hour 56 minutes via the Lion Ridge from the Italian side.[22]
  • Denali, 6,168 m (20,236 ft). In June 2014 Jornet completed the fastest known time for the ascent and descent with a time of 11 hours and 48 minutes using both skis and crampons, breaking the previous record by 5 hours and 6 minutes.[23][24]
  • Aconcagua, 6,960 m (22,830 ft). In December 2014 Jornet set a record for climbing and descending Aconcagua from Horcones (the nearest road, at Puente del Inca) and back, in 12 hours and 49 minutes.[25][better source needed] Jornet's record was broken in February 2015 by Karl Egloff (es), who completed the route in 11 hours and 52 minutes.[26]
  • Elbrus, 5,642 m (18,510 ft). Jornet made an attempt in 2013 to set the fastest known time for the ascent and descent from Azau but was forced to turn back by bad weather.[27] The fastest known time for the ascent is 3:23:37 set in 2010 by Andrzej Bargiel, while fastest known time for the ascent and descent is 4 hours and 39 minutes, set in 2014 by Vitaliy Shkel.[28][29]
  • Mount Everest, 8,848 m (29,029 ft). He had planned an attempt for September 2016.[30] After 3 weeks of acclimatizating well in the base camp on the north side of Mt Everest at 6.000m the weather started to change and snow acumulations increased the risk for avalanches so that the team returned home.[31]

Selected results[edit]

Mountain Running / skyrunning[edit]


  • 2006: 2nd, International Championship SkySpeed Climb


  • 2006:
  • 2007:
    • 1st Núria-Queralbs Salomon Compex, "senior" class[33]

Ski mountaineering[edit]

  • 2002:
    • 2nd, Spanish Championship team race together with Gil Erra, "cadet" class
    • 4th, Spanish Cup, "cadet" class
    • 5th, Spanish Championship single race, "cadet" class
  • 2003:
  • 2004:
    • 1st, World Championship vertical race, "cadet" class
    • 1st, Spanish Championship single race, "cadet" class
    • 1st, Spanish Championship vertical race, "cadet" class
    • 1st, Spanish Championship vertical race together with Aleix Pubill Rodríguez, "cadet" class
    • 2nd, World Championship single race, "cadet" class
    • 3rd, European Cup single race, "cadet" class
  • 2005:
    • 1st, European Championship vertical race, "cadet" class
    • 1st, Spanish Championship single race, "cadet" class
    • 1st, Spanish Cup (Spanish: Copa España) single race, "cadet" class
    • 1st, European Cup single race, "cadet" class
    • 1st, Spanish Championship team race together with Jordi Oliva
    • 3rd, Spanish Championship vertical race
    • 4th, Spanish Cup single race, "cadet" class
  • 2007:
    • 1st, European Championship single race, "junior" class
    • 1st, European Championship vertical race, "junior" class
    • 1st, European Championship relay race together with Mireia Miró Varela and Marc Pinsach Rubirola, "junior" class
    • 1st, European Championship team race, "junior" class
    • 1st, 20th "Traça Catalana"
    • 2nd, Spanish Cup vertical race
  • 2008:
  • 2009:
    • 1st, European Championship vertical race
    • 2nd, European Championship relay race together with Javier Martín de Villa, Joan Maria Vendrell Martínez and Manuel Pérez Brunicardi
    • 5th, European Championship team race together with Javier Martín de Villa
  • 2010:
    • 1st, World Championship vertical race[35]
    • 2nd, World Championship single race[36]
    • 3rd, World Championship combination ranking[37]
    • 4th, World Championship relay race (together with Javier Martín de Villa, Manuel Pérez Brunicardi and Marc Pinsach Rubirola)[38]
    • 8th, World Championship team race (together with Marc Pinsach Rubirola)[39]
    • 1st (espoirs), Trophée des Gastlosen (ISMF World Cup), together with Marc Pinsach Rubirola[40]
  • 2011:
    • 1st, World Championship single race
    • 1st, World Championship vertical race
    • 1st, World Championship vertical, combined ranking
    • 4th, World Championship relay, together with Marc Pinsach Rubirola, Miguel Caballero Ortega, Javier Martín de Villa
    • 8th, World Championship team race (together with Marc Pinsach Rubirola)
    • 1st, Mountain Attack[41]
  • 2012:
    • 1st, European Championship vertical race
    • 1st, World Championship vertical, combined ranking
    • 2nd, European Championship single
    • 4th, European Championship relay, together with Marc Pinsach Rubirola, Marc Solà Pastoret and Miguel Caballero Ortega
    • 5th, European Championship team, together with Marc Pinsach Rubirola
    • 1st and course record, Mountain Attack[42]
    • 1st, Patrouille de la Maya, together with Valentin Favre and Alexis Sévennec-Verdier[43]

Pierra Menta[edit]

Main article: Pierra Menta

Patrouille des Glaciers[edit]

  • 2010: 4th, together with Marc Solà Pastoret and Marc Pinsach Rubirola[45]

Trofeo Mezzalama[edit]

Main article: Trofeo Mezzalama


  • Summits of my life – A Fine Line (2012) was presented in the Palau de la Música Catalana de Barcelona and shows Jornet accompanied by his mother, sister, his first trainer, and his friends, like Stéphane Brosse, Mireia Miró Varela, Vivian Bruchez, Mattéo Jacquemoud, Jordi Tosas and Anna Frost.[48]
  • Summits of my life - Déjame Vivir (2014) was released online in 2014. It shows Jornets activities during 2013, the Mont Blanc running record in July, his speed record on the Matterhorn in Augustand his run on Mount Elbrus in mid-September.[49]
  • Summits of my life - Langtang (2015)


  • Jornet, Kílian (2011). Run or Die. Velo Press. ISBN 1937715094. 
  • Jornet, Kílian (2013). The invisible border. 


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