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Not to be confused with Kilagai (Pakistan) in Mohmand Agency[1]

Kiligai (Kilagai, Kilagay, Kila Gai, Qalagai, Dasht-e Kiligai) is a location in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan, which during the Soviet-Afghan War held one of the three major Soviet bases in Afghanistan (the other two being Shindand and Bagram).[2] It was described in 1987 by the BBC Monitoring Service as the "largest military supply and armoury centre of the Soviet troops in Afghanistan."[3]

The base was located near a strategic north-south corridor, and included a large underground tank-repair depot.[4] In 1988, as the Soviets prepared their withdrawal, the possibility of "maintaining negotiated access" to the Kiligai tank repair facility was discussed.[5]


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