Kilij Arslan IV

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Kilij Arslan IV
Seljuq sultans of Rum
Reign 1248–1265
Predecessor Kaykaus II
Successor Kayqubad II
Born unknown
Died 1265
Consort Gumaj Khatun
Full name
Rukn ad-Dīn Qilij Arslān bin Kaykhusraw
Father Kaykhusraw II

Kilij Arslan IV (Old Anatolian Turkish: قِلِج اَرسلان) or Rukn ad-Dīn Qilij Arslān bin Kaykhusraw (Persian: رکن الدین قلج ارسلان بن کیخسرو‎‎) was Seljuq Sultan of Rûm after the death of his father Kaykhusraw II in 1246. For part of his tenure as sultan he ruled with his two brothers Kaykaus II and Kayqubad II. He was executed in 1266 by the Pervane Mu‘in al-Din Suleyman.


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Preceded by
Kaykhusraw II
Sultan of Rûm
Succeeded by
Kaykhusraw III