Kill Yr Idols

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Kill Yr Idols
EP by Sonic Youth
Released October 1983
Recorded October 1983
Length 20:58
Label Zensor
Sonic Youth chronology
Confusion Is Sex
(1983)Confusion Is Sex1983
Kill Yr Idols
Sonic Death
(1984)Sonic Death1984

Kill Yr Idols is an EP by American alternative rock band Sonic Youth. It was released in October 1983, originally only in Germany, by record label Zensor.


Kill Yr Idols was released in October 1983, originally only in Germany.

In 1995, the tracks on Kill Yr Idols not found on 1983's Confusion Is Sex were appended to the DGC reissue of that album.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[1]
Robert Christgau B−[2]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide 2/5 stars[3]

Jason Birchmeier of AllMusic commented, "These songs resemble the ones on Confusion Is Sex, except that they're a bit more developed, especially the title track and 'Brother James'. [Kill Yr Idols] results in a fascinating wade through Sonic Youth's early flashes of genius."[1]

Track listing[edit]

Side A
No. Title Lyrics/vocals Length
1. "Protect Me You" Gordon 5:28
2. "Shaking Hell (1 & 2)" Gordon 4:06
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Kill Yr Idols" Moore 2:51
2. "Brother James" Gordon 3:17
3. "Early American" Gordon 6:07


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