Killdeer Mountains

Coordinates: 47°26′45″N 102°55′58″W / 47.44583°N 102.93278°W / 47.44583; -102.93278
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Killdeer Mountains
Area26 km2 (10 sq mi)
EtymologyNamed after the Native American hunting grounds for deer in the area
CountryUnited States
StateNorth Dakota
RegionDunn County

The Killdeer Mountains are a mountain range in Dunn County, North Dakota, United States.[1] It consists of two mesas, North Mountain and South Mountain. Much of the range formation was caused by wind, river and lake erosion.

The Killdeer Mountains cover a surface of 26 square kilometers (10 sq mi). The highest peak reaches 975 m (3,200 ft).[2]

The range's name comes from the Native Americans, who used the area as a hunting ground for deer.[3] The range was the scene of the Battle of Killdeer Mountain in 1864.

In 1906, reports of volcanic activity were coming from the mountains.[4] However, no geological evidence has proven a confirmed volcano in the area.


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47°26′45″N 102°55′58″W / 47.44583°N 102.93278°W / 47.44583; -102.93278