Killed by 9V Batteries

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Killed by 9V Batteries
Origin Austria
Genres Indie rock, noise rock, experimental rock, shoegaze
Years active 2002–2005, 2005–present
Labels Siluh / Universal Music Group
Members Wolfgang Möstl
Mario Zangl
Mario Loder
Philipp Ludersdorfer
Past members Stefan Christandl

Killed by 9V Batteries is an Austrian[1] indie rock rock band. Founded in 2002, the members entered a temporary hiatus in 2005. However in the same year, they re-grouped and later signed to the Vienna-based indie label Siluh Records and released three full-length Albums there. Möstl also plays in the bands Sex Jams and his solo project Mile Me Deaf.


  • Rascals Kill Wild Wild Rascals (CD, Numavi, 2004)
  • Rough (CD, Numavi, 2004)
  • Powerchord Desaster (CD, Numavi, 2005)
  • Ford Mustang (CD-Single, Numavi, 2005)
  • Killed by 9V Batteries (CD, Siluh, 2006)
  • Split 7" w/ "Jolly Goods" (7", Louisville/Siluh, 2008)
  • Split Cassette w/ "Black Fox Dance" (MC, Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label, 2008)
  • Escape Plans Make It Hard To Wait For Success (CD/LP, Siluh, 2008)
  • Split LP w/ "Picture Eyes" (LP, Siluh/Numavi, 2009)
  • The Crux (LP Siluh, 2011)


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