Killed in Action (album)

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Killed in Action
Studio album by Darxon
Released 1984
Label Wishbone
Darxon chronology
Killed in Action
No Thrills

Killed in Action is the debut album of German heavy metal band Darxon. It was the bands' only album released on Wishbone Records.

No. Title Length
1. "Danger Love!"    
2. "Smile of a Tiger"    
3. "It's an Illusion"    
4. "Body Talking"    
5. "Fool Tonight"    
6. "Killed in Action"    
7. "Rock On"    
8. "Simile of Evil"    
9. "Burning"    
10. "Holy Macho"    
11. "Stormbringer"    


  • Massimo DeMatteis - lead vocals
  • Markus Szart - lead guitar
  • Peter Schmidt - bass guitar
  • Dominik Hulshorst - drums