Killed the Family and Went to the Movies (1969 film)

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Killed the Family and Went to the Movies
Directed by Júlio Bressane
Written by Júlio Bressane
Starring Renata Sorrah
Vanda Lacerda
Paulo Padilha
Rodolfo Arena
Carlos Eduardo Dolabella
Márcia Rodrigues
Release date
  • 1969 (1969)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese

Matou a Família e Foi ao Cinema (English: Killed His Family and Went to the Movies) is a Brazilian film directed by Júlio Bressane and released in 1969.

This is quite an innovative movie, in which the protagonist – after doing what the title says – watches four short sketches of other movies with varied plots, including one about rape. It seems that the film is intended to be a harsh (but indirect) critique of sensationalist newspapers (the film's title is taken from mock news headlines), banalisation of violence and sexual exploitation. One of the possible explanations for the plot is to criticise torturers who killed students but still went home in peace.

A remake was made in 1991. This version, also written by Bressane but directed by Neville de Almeida, was more polished visually (in colour) and had a nice musical score, but suffered from bad acting. It added an interesting trick in that the film starts with loud music and without any credits; these only appear at the end, after fake newspaper headlines show the film's name.

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